Trust – Step out – Know not what lies ahead – Be excited – it’s 2020!

It’s always a time of year when we are made to feel that we must have grandiose goals and punctilious plans for the year ahead, for if we do not, then who are we … We are the ones at the end of blank stares when asked about our objectives for the following year if we declare that we have none or merely vague aspirations. My inclination this year is to notice where my interest wanders and then to explore it. What undiscovered freedom could exist by simply letting life unfold and respond as it arises… I do not know but I look forward to finding out.

Exciting news! We do listen and we have tailor made and designed for you …

In addition to our 8 week Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health Courses, we have now designed and are launching three new courses which are tailored for those who may be time-pressed, for those who may learn better in bite sized pieces and for those who wish to take time to practice what they’ve learned in 4 weeks before embarking on the next course.  Each course is £120 which includes 4 sessions of 2 hour teaching & practice over 4 weeks.  Each course is designed to build up your knowledge base and deepen your practice. 

Level 1: Mindfulness Awareness

Level 2: Mindful Living

Level 3: Mindful Journey

Please contact me at for further information.



Doubts about the benefits of mindfulness? Check this out!

If you had any doubts about the benefits of a mindfulness practice, check out this Tedtalk (link below) by Lieutenant Colonel Jannell MacAulay of the United States Air Force and the Director of Human Performance and Leadership for the 58th Special Operations Wing.  Under her command the 400-member joint 305th Operations Support Squadron was awarded the top Airfield Operations Complex of the Year in 2016 and Air Mobility Command Operations Support Squadron of the Year for 2016.

She credits mindfulness as the driver of that success.  She taught mindfulness to her team and modelled mindful leadership to build a culture of trust and connectivity in a high stress environment.

She is one impressive lady as her husband is often away on deployment leaving her to lead a large team in the Airforce as well as manage a smaller team of 2 young children at home.

Check out my next Drop In session on Sat 4th April at The Wellspring Church Centre, Watford from 10am (doors open at 9.40am) or to really develop your own practice, my next 8 week course is on 25th April from 7pm. Message me for more info using the Contacts page.