Hear stories from people who have journeyed through the Present Mind Insights experience.

Lindsay, June 2020, Mindfulness for Stress, One to One “The mindfulness course has helped me in so many ways.  After a stressful few years, the course has given me guidance in how to cope with issues that arise in my life and I know these will assist me greatly in the future. Siobhan is excellent at guiding you through the course.  I would recommend anyone considering this course to do it as I have no regrets and wish I had this opportunity a few years ago.”

Sarah, March 2019, Mindfulness For Health, Group “I attended the Mindfulness for Health course which ran weekly Jan-Mar. It was a revelation to me and as a result of the gentle encouragement and guidance from Siobhan I was able to fully grasp and understand what Mindfulness was, how to apply it to my life and how to help myself. You get as much out of these courses as you put in but Siobhan’s honest and open way of teaching and speaking really encouraged us all to open ourselves to Mindfulness and how to improve our lives. I have learnt so much and continue to use it daily. Thank you Siobhan. I miss the meditation sessions and the poems too. Thank you 😊”

Claire, April 2019, Mindfulness for Stress, Group
Siobhan is a motivational leader – she shared her own experiences freely, explained the theories very well and provided a good amount of knowledge, giving good practical examples. Her teaching technique encouraged participation while enabling relaxation during each meeting. I particularly loved the metaphors that she used. Overall an excellent course.”

Lola P, June 2019, Mindfulness for Health, Group
“The Breathworks mindfulness course organised and delivered by Siobhan was a truly enjoyable, satisfying, and beneficial experience for me – from the first to the last session. I got more out of them than I expected, and looked forward to attending week after week.”

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